Central School librarians purchase a wide variety of brand new, age-appropriate books that your child gets to choose from during the month of his/her birthday or half-birthday (if he/she has a summer birthday).  The kids take pride in seeing their nameplate being placed in a book that will remain at the Learning Commons for years to come.

This program continues to enhance your child’s love for reading and his/her overall learning experience while at Central School and provide him/her with a first-hand experience of “giving back” to his/her very own group of friends and school.

How does it work?

At a birthday book celebration, your child:

  • Chooses a brand-new book (from the Birthday Books cart) to donate to the Central School Learning Commons
  • Places a personalized nameplate in the book
  • Is the first person to check out the new book
  • Receives a small gift (pencil, bookmark or party favor item)
  • Has his/her picture taken with his/her book to be displayed in the Learning Commons for all kids, staff and visitors to view. (and later sent home)

Children come to the Learning Commons after lunch in their birthday or half-birthday month. Kindergartners will be escorted to and from their classrooms at 11:10 or 12:50. The participants will receive a reminder on the appropriate day (the teachers will notify the children and a reminder will be given in the cafeteria).

Questions? Contact the Birthday Book Chairs at birthdaybooks@centralschoolpta.org


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