IGNITE-CentralArt Awareness Week

Please join your children at Central School for Art Awareness Week December 4th – 8th! This year students will dive into the art of printmaking! Printmaking goes as far back as AD 105 in China when paper was invented. Printing making was and still has a major role in the art world today and is inspiration for anyone looking to explore an ancient and modern creative process. Three unique printing stations will be set up in the art room where each child will have a hands on experience printing in different styles, using different techniques with various materials. Prior to December 4th Ms. Berngard will be teaching our children some interesting print making history and the process of print making along with showing examples of various artists and their work. Please join us to help our kids explore the printing process and engage in some exciting right brain activity with your kids! We hope to see you there!


IGNITE-CentralArts in the Evening

Arts in the Evening occurs once or twice each school year. A performer or production is showcased for members of our community at Central School, usually in the auditorium or the gymnasium. All tickets are funded by iGNITE. Past events include Be the Groove, an interactive rhythm and percussion group; Foster Dance Company, which provided students with an expressive dance lesson; Ma Liang’s Paintbrush, a musical theatre production by Music Institute of Chicago, and Peter Pan, a classic stage production by Emerald City Theatre.

Questions? Please email artawareness@centralschoolpta.org.