This year, the Central PTA will continue to offer the online directory through AtoZ.   To sign up for AtoZ, you must click the link on the email you received from central@schooldirectoryupdate.comIf you did not receive an email, please contact the Directory Chair at

One print directory per household can be ordered by verifying your information through AtoZ and joining the PTA.  This is the only way to order a print directory.  The deadline to order is October 1, 2017.  You may also support our IGNITE fundraising program and donate to the teacher/staff holiday gift fund during the AtoZ registration process.

If you have any questions about your membership or need further assistance, please contact the Directory Chair at

If you have questions regarding the application and need to troubleshoot, please visit the District’s AtoZ page here.

Questions you may have:

1.  Do I need to verify multiple times if I have children at multiple schools?

You will need to join the PTA/O for each school your children attend to gain access to multiple directories.  You will also need to verify your data multiple times since data is stored uniquely at each school.  But the good news is, once your PTA/O memberships are active and your data is approved – you can simply toggle between schools to view different directories.

2.  Do I need to verify my data if I don’t want a directory?

All parents in District 39 will be able to use their login information (provided by email) to verify and edit THEIR OWN data – regardless if they paid for a directory or not.  We encourage all parents to verify their data to ensure that they can be easily contacted.  Only paid PTA members will be able to view the entire directory.

3.  Why do I need to verify my data – I already gave it at registration?

First of all, the data verification wizard will take LESS THAN 5 MINUTES to complete.  Second, verifying your data at the start of the school year enables us to have the most current email address and contact information for you.  Often changes occur over the summer.  This verified data will be published in our print directory.

4.  What if I have more questions?

Email the AtoZ Directory Chair at

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