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Fundraising Events

March Highlights

Winter After School Clubs End
Friday, March 27th 

Spring Break
March 30th – April 3

April Highlights

Spring After School Clubs Begin
Monday, April 6th 

PTA Meeting
Wednesday, April 8th, 9:15am.  4th Grade transition presentation by Traci Meziere, Highcrest 5th grade Grade Level Administrator .

Family Bingo Night-Hosted by 2nd Grade Students!
Friday April 17th, 6:30-8:00pm. Open to all Central families.  Please click HERE to register for this exciting and fun night!  For more information, please visit the Learning Commons Fundraising page.

The Central PTA Nominating Committee has approved the following slate for the 2015-2016 Central PTA Executive Board.  The slate will be voted in at the general PTA meeting April 8th, 2015.

President: Lisa Hirschle

Presdident-Elect: Sarah Hepner

Secretary: Liesel Brown

Enrichment: Jen Finger

Volunteers: Linda McKenzie

Special Events: Darcy Powers

Fundraising: Shannon Hiltabrand and Chris Maglocci

Communications: Kristen Dean

Treasurer: Megan Gemp

Assistant Treasurer: Kristie O’Neill

Thank you to Robin Cook, Sara Brahm, Carrie Fowler, Megan Matt, Nancy Fendley, Glenda Nash, Meagan Carmichael, Sophia Kondos, Jana Smith, Pam Levy, and Michelle Vile for generously volunteering their time to serve on the nominating committee!

If you’d like to help fund the Learning Commons, please make a donation today!





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