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Order School Supplies

April 14 - May 6

School Code: 20324

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4th Gr. Bike Safety: May 17th

2nd Gr. Bike Safety: May 19th

Bring bikes and helmets to school

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Parent - Teacher Party

May 13, 7-11 p.m.

Music, Food Trucks & More!

$50! RSVP Here.

Lisa Hirschle, President
Sarah Hepner, President-Elect.

Parents of 4th Graders: Did you miss the “Transition to Highcrest” presentation by HMS Principal Kelly Jackson and HMS 5th Grade Level Administrator Aaron Dubnow? No worries! Click here.

Dates to remember:

April 14-May 6

Order School Supplies for 2016-2017.

May 2-6

Teacher Appreciation Week. Click here to donate a gift card or otherwise help.

May 13, 7-11 p.m.

End-of-Year Parent-Teacher PARTY at the Masonic Lodge (10th and Central), featuring crossing guard Dudley Fair’s band, South Boulevard. RSVP here.

For the full 2015-2016 PTA calendar, click here.

For a comprehensive list of volunteer opportunities, click here.